Hot Sale Natural Mat Latex Mat
Natural Mat Latex Mat

Hot Sale Natural Mat Latex Mat

Hot Sale Natural Mat Latex Mat

  • Sales Rank: #47639 in Baby Product
  • Brand: Natural Mat
  • Model: 10410
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x27.50" w x52.00" l,14.30 pounds

  • Latex Mat from Natural Mat is our most hypo allergenic organic baby mattress
  • Completely organic latex is tapped straight from the rubber tree to form a springy core
  • Organic coir from the world's only organic coconut plantation wraps the latex for added support and hypo allergenic properties
  • The coir is wrapped in our unique lambswool which is bathes in a mixture made from extracts of lavender lemon and eucalyptus making it completely dust mite free
  • The lambswool provides excellent thermal insulation and is wrapped in two organic cotton covers so the outer one can be removed and washed at 140 F to kill bacteria and dust mites

Hot Sale Natural Mat Latex Mat

The Natural Mat Company believes that every child deserves the best start in life and that means plenty of good sleep in a safe, comfortable and natural environment. In their first year, babies will spend over two thirds of their time on their mattress, so concerned Mums and Dads will want the most natural, comfortable, breathable, hypo allergenic and safe sleeping environment for their new baby...a Natural Mat. Babies very temperature sensitive. They easily become too hot, they sweat to cool down, and if they not on a breathable surface, that sweat can pool, causing them to get chilled. This cycle leads to an unhappy, crying baby¿and a poor nights¿ sleep for all. Coco Mat is our most breathable, 100% organic mattress. Filled with coir from the world¿s only certified organic coconut plantation, the coconut husks made into a supportive and breathable fibrous layer. The coir is then wrapped in organic lambswool that has been bathed in a mixture of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus rendering it dust mite free, and providing the excellent thermal insulating properties of wool (it keeps baby warm when it is cool out, and cool when it is hot). These layers covered in two organic cotton covers¿the top one is removable, and can be washed in hot water (140¿ F water keeps the mattress continuously dust mite free). All of our mattresses hand made in Devon, England and use no chemicals, plastics or PVCs. Constructed with completely organic and renewable materials sourced from the finest, most qualified organic suppliers in the world, Natural Mat mattresses provide much higher levels of spring and support, and far better ventilation than any synthetic foam or coil spring mattress. Natural Mat mattresses fit US crib sizes and p all US flame retardant standards without the use of chemical or unnatural treatments in any part of the mattress. To guard your Natural Mat against ¿accidents¿, we recommend a Natural Mat mattress protector.

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